Deeper Fish finder. Deeper Fishfinder Reviews.

Deeper Fish Finder. Deeper Fishfinder Reviews.

Deeper Fish Finder. Deeper Fishfinder Reviews.

Watching the Pro’s fishing from their bass boats and wishing we could be doing that…..that’s the dream of most bass fishermen and it’s definitely one of mine. But if you’re like me, I can’t spend $6000 to $35000 on a bass boat not to mention another $400 to $1000 on a fish finder.

For the working man that’s fishing off the side of the bank, there is a solution. The Deeper Smart Fishfinder Pro+ makes it possible for you and I to bank fish and still see where the fish are located. It works fantastic, is easy to use and it uses your smartphone as the display……one more reason not to put down the phone, but a good one!  

One of the best things I like about this product is that you can go to the “App Store” on your smartphone right now and download “DEEPER” to get a hands on display and run a free simulation to give you an idea of the quality. The App has many features including Solunar Forecast Calendar, Fishing Notes, Offline Maps, Weather Forecast, Camera, Day/Night Screen Color Mode, Social Media Sharing.

To use it you just tie Sonar device to your fishing line, gently cast it out and reel it back to you at a slow, steady rate. The sonar beam scans what’s under the water. Whatever it is, drowned timber, sheer downward slope, small humps, rocks or any other structure, it is accurately displayed on your smartphone or tablet. Even when fishing onshore, you can now access accurate fish finding data that was previously available only on the consoles of fishing boats.


Product Information

Product:  Deeper Smart Fishfinder Pro+

Price:   $229.93 USD

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size:  3.5 ounce/100 grams and measures 2.5 inches / 65 millimeters in diameter

Connection:  Wi-Fi

Scanning frequency:  Up to 15 scans/s allows to capture faster moving objects

Scanning resolution:  Separates objects in a distance up to 0.04ft /1.3 cm and

                                             allows to capture smaller underwater units

Depth range:  260 ft / 80 m

Mapping:  Boat Onshore GPS Mode – enables water bed mapping while onshore or off.

                      Boat Mode bottom contour mapping is also available

Battery charge cycle:  6 months

Product Benefits

  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection requires no cellular service or data
  • Working range up to 330 ft
  • Onshore GPS mode
  • Dual-beam 290kHz / 90kHz echo-sounder sonar
  • Operates in fresh- or saltwater from -4°F to 104°F
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery operates for up to six hours
  • Unlimited data history

Uses of the Product

  • Shore Fishing
  • Kayak Fishing
  • Boat Fishing


1. Light weight extremely propane.
2. Marked my smallest jig reliably. Had to turn sensitivity all the way to 100%
3. Marked fish reliably
4. Allowed me to monitor fish activity fifty yards from the hole.
5. Flasher, graph and raw sonar display on one screen s nice
6 Out fished my buddies using conventional sonars.
7. No transducer cord engagement.


1. It was hard to fish and take calls at the same time. Buddies always call to see if they are biting.
2. Phone battery died after two hours of fishing.. easy to fix by plugging in extended battery.
3. Half second delay. No big deal got used to it quickly.